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his is a black and white (possibly from 1961) photograph of Dr. Daniel Hays holding a large snake with 5 Liberian people in the photograph. This is from Voinjama, Liberia. There is a space in the bottom right corner that seems to be a place where…

This seems to be a fan or strainer of some sort. It has a netted area held by a bent round stick and a stick handle.

This mask is wood with white carved parts on the forehead and feathers attached to back and side. The face is black. There is fabric and netting on it. The mouth is big and open and has white teeth. The eyes and space under cheeks is brown and carved…

This is a mask with bull-like horns. The face is black with white eyes and mouth and fibers on the chin. There is a large red sheet of material attatched to the back.

This is a bracelet made from, what seems to look like turtle or crocodile underbelly. It attaches with braided fiber hook and ball.

This is a JIF jar with 15 lion claws inside. I could not find a classification for this

This is a bundle held together by braided/woven fiber. It contains feathers and a horn (?).

This is an ovate object with puka shells embedded in the biological (leather) material.

This is a ritual object. It has a hair (horse?) attached at the end of a fur wrapped leather handle.

Dimension:H:1.500in W:1.500in L:12.250in
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